Add Content: Without Professional Experience

Recent college graduates are faced with a dilemma when they seek employment but do not have enough experience to put on their resume. There are a few ways to get more content on a professional website when you have little professional experience.

Use the concept of “projects”. Projects represent a line-item on a resume under the education section, where you can discuss courses, papers, presentations, or activities you worked on. This is an excellent opportunity to share information related to your educational experiences, whether you are working on or completed an undergraduate or advanced degree. It can add what could be “much needed” content to your professional website.

Adding a “mission statement”. This is a way for a viewer to get a better understanding of your career goals and how you plan to achieve them. When applying to an employment opportunity, this gives added context for them to review you. Any “added content” will make you standout.

Create and post a short video. Develop a video where you talk about what you want to do or possibly demonstrate it. For example, consider you are applying to be a foreign language interpreter, shoot a video of yourself conversing in that language. This idea of sharing a video about yourself became popular in the undergraduate college application process; applicants separate themselves by sharing a well thought out, creative video. Obviously, applicants to undergraduate college programs have little professional experience as well.

Post a blog about your interests. There are many benefits in having your own blog. First, it shows your personality, a viewer can really understand you better; there is nothing better than reading an actual sample of what you choose to write about. It can be an enlightening experience for the viewer. Second, it is a writing sample, if a blog is well written, it can be a positive reflection on your writing skills. Finally, it shows how you handle feedback, an interactive blog demonstrates your ability to respond to criticisms and acknowledgments. All professionals should consider writing a blog, especially for those with less supporting content on their professional website. Business/IT programs suggest that their students write blogs.

It can be frustrating trying to create a resume when you have little professional experiences. Though, it is important to remember that for the jobs you are applying to, competing applicants are faced with the same dilemma. The strategy is to find ways to provide added content to separate yourself from the competition. A professional website offers many ways to add this “much needed” content, including the use of: projects, a mission statement, video, and a blog.

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