Perfect Content

Not sure what you pay more for in business school, getting an education or learning how to write an effective resume. I remember countless peer reviews, where we picked through each other’s resume! Like a resume, content on your professional website has to be perfect.

Here are three stages for getting content right on your professional website:
Get Content On The Page

  • Obviously, every word has to be spelled correctly and every sentence has to be grammatically correct. Use a grammar and spell checker, and make sure you check it yourself many times – bet you a dime you will continue to find errors after the third time you’ve read it.
  • Use “Action Verbs” – verbs that are sharp and best fit the action you are trying to describe.
  • Check the frequency of your verbs; their tenses should follow a same pattern throughout your professional website.

Succinct, Results-Oriented Content

  • Wherever possible, quantify your results… “Developed more than 20 different websites.”
  • Be precise when you can… What was the name of the company you worked with? What was the name of the person you worked with (could he/she be a reference)?
  • Keep the description of your educational projects and employment responsibilities – line items on a resume – point on.
  • Take advantage of a professional website and its multi-dimensional features; enrich the content by adding interactive elements: more content, a reference, a web address, etc.
  • Reference the skills you used for particular experiences. Skills can be used as keywords to search through your professional website.

Peer Review

  • Get feedback from your support channels: your peers, a career center, professional writing services, etc. The more people who read your professional website content the better. Don’t be discouraged if at first you get a lot of constructive criticism, it is part of the process. Remember enlightening feedback is like gold.

TheProfessionalWebsite service offers many tools to help a user through the above-mentioned getting “perfect content” process.

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