Facilitate Job Seeking: Professional Website

There are clear advantages with having a professional website while seeking employment.

  • Multi-dimensional Resume: An Interactive Interface For Potential Employers
  • Search Through Website By Targeting Skill Sets
  • Create and Disseminate Resumes and Portfolios

When you apply to an employment opportunity, the ideal situation is to “pull” potential employers to your professional website for their evaluation because of its interactive features. A professional website is built on the standard structure of a resume but has many added features to facilitate communication, enrich content, and develop a skill set.

Some of the communication features are meant to help skip some of the preliminary probing by a potential employer. For example, you can provide the contact information of a reference for an employment responsibility and a potential employer could send an email to that reference – of course you would provide reference information at your own discretion.

Richer content includes using files, images, and linking to provide substance about an experience. For example, if you wrote a paper for a course in college, you can upload and make it available on your professional website.

Use of a skill set is an effective way to make sense of all the content on the professional website; learn about the use of a skill set be reading a previous blog post Skill Set Approach . A professional website provides a search page where potential employers can search through a professional’s skill set and keywords.

In addition, a professional website has content not normally found with a resume – like a video, blog, and a portfolio. It is clearly beneficial to get a potential employer to view this “added content”.

To “pull” potential employers, you can send an “invitation” to a potential employer or simply get found through search directories.

A professional website should also have the functionality to “push” your professional website content to potential employers – as a resume, portfolio, or XML file. Most potential employers will require the submission of a standard resume or portfolio and since all the content is stored on your professional website, it makes sense to have functionality to create and disseminate these traditional documents. Although, hopefully, the concept of reviewing a professional website for employment will become more mainstream. The idea of “pushing” a XML file is to provide a file that can be read by external applications (website or cell phone applications); again, since all the content is available on a professional website it makes sense to have this functionality.

Try to lure potential employers to view your professional website; however, expect they will probably require the submission of a standard resume. TheProfessionalWebsite provides a professional website service that has functionality for a “push” and “pull” approach in applying to employment opportunities.

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