Organizational Approach: Collection of Professional Websites

Organizations should consider adopting the use of a collection of professional websites. There are different ways an organization can utilize professional websites. First, a collection of professional websites can act like “biographies” often found on an About Us page of a corporate website. Second, a HR department could require applicants to submit links to their own professional website; it could become the primary tool for a company’s evaluation purposes. Finally, it could be used to create brand awareness. For example, universities can design special professional websites for their students with university colors, logos, etc.

Typically a biography found on a corporate website is two paragraphs describing an individual’s professional and education experience; it is often boring and unenticing to read. The purpose of a biography is to communicate to clients, partners, and associates the capabilities of an employee, a way to verify their skills and background information – something that could be reassuring to a client or partner. As an alternative to sharing these “biographies”, organizations should consider creating their About Us page with links to professional websites. An interested viewer can visit a professional website and quickly learn as much as they need to know; check out an “app” or use the multi-dimensional resume. Organizations can participate in the development of a specialized professional website template, which would be unique to them and include a logo and link back to their main website. Professional websites can brand an organization’s talent outside of its website domain; professional websites found on search engines  link back to the organization’s main website, which expands the reach of the organization.

It makes a lot of sense to make the basic employment evaluation platform a professional website rather than a resume; require all applicants to submit a URL to their professional website. A professional website is built on the basic constructs of a resume, but has many interactive features that make it far more effective; it has added functionality for facilitating communication, presenting richer content, and searching through a skill set; this search tool is a very powerful tool to quickly pinpoint content. Moreover, there are ways to add content not typically found on a resume such as a video, blog, or portfolio. A professional website is much easier to share and disseminate with a team of people making an employment evaluation; simply pass along a link to each applicant’s professional website. Imagine conducting an interview with a projector displaying an applicant’s professional website; no need to pass along hard-copies of a resume to everyone in the room. There is less overhead, a company avoids having applicants applying to employment opportunities on their website; it becomes unnecessary to host and maintain extra pages and a database related to employment applications on a corporate website.

As mentioned earlier, a collection of professional websites can be used to create brand awareness outside the domain of organization’s website. This could be particularly valuable for a university. First, a university develops a collection of professional website templates with university colors, logo, etc. – perhaps different ones for each college. Second, a university participates in the development of content shown on the professional website – so the content can be a standard or reflection of the university. The administrative interface has tools to facilitate “peer-to-peer” reviews. Third, a university supports the development of skill sets for their students. Career centers or professors have tools to make recommendations to students regarding the progression of a skill set – something interwoven into the framework of a professional website (read previous blog about Skill Sets). Finally, as students graduate, well-crafted, results-oriented professional websites will standout and positively represent the university. Professional website templates designed by the university will promote a brand across the internet.

TheProfessionalWebsite provides a professional website service that can be effectively used by an organization.

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