Badge Concept: Professional Website

Badges: ProfessionalWebsite

What a badge might look like

Professionals often have to verify their proficiency in a technology, language, or skill; we will refer to the presentation and validation of this proficiency as a “badge”. Visually speaking, a badge could be a background image with overlaying content about the proficiency and perhaps a link to a third-party verification.

A professional website currently promotes the presentation functionality of “badges”. The use of skills is already tightly woven into the framework of a professional website, along with particular IT skills, languages, and certifications – much of the content and linkages related to a “badge” are already in place. However, the validation integration has not been developed yet.

The validation integration would be similar to other web service verification applications. For example, the verification process that a website is secure. When you make an online purchase, you will often see a logo that says the webpage is secure (before you send your credit card information) – basically saying a third-party SSL certificate has been installed properly. Typically, this involves placing some JavaScript provided by the third-party verifier onto a website. Alternatively, in a simpler approach, the badge may just have a URL to the third-party verifier. In both implementations, a third-party company actively verifies the proficiency – making it a more reliable, standard verification.

Consider the following two situations, where a professional wants to present a “badge” on their professional website.

First, a business analyst who has two years experience using MS Excel and feels competent with its usage. It is easy to self-validate and say he is an expert in using MS Excel. However, the only way to get a true, standardized validation would be through a third-party organization – where they could confirm he passed a test or completed a course. A badge would have the functionality where he could present his proficiency in MS Excel and have it validated by a third-party.

Second, a financial analyst who is required to get a particular license to sell certain equities. He took a class and passed a test to get the license. A badge would allow for him to present the license and have it validated by the organization that gave the test.

Badge-Concept: ProfessionalWebsite

Badge-Concept: ProfessionalWebsite

TheProfessionalWebsite provides a service that presents “badges” for proficiecy in specific areas, and is planning the development for a third-party validation process.

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