Push Approach, Employment Seeking

The traditional approach for seeking employment is to find a job listing and apply to it by email or filling out an online form. We call this a “push approach”, where you “push” a resume to a potential employer. Within this approach, there are two different strategies: applying to a few positions with unique resumes and cover letters or applying to many positions with a generic resume and cover letter. For example, someone applying for a judge clerkship would take the first strategy and someone applying for a database administrator would take the latter strategy. A professional website has functionality for a “push approach” with both of these strategies.

Most of the content collected for a professional website can be used to generate a standard resume. You can also include sections not commonly shown on a resume – such as a portfolio. You have complete control over which sections appear on your resume and, within the section, what content appears (each line-item has “on” and “off” switches). A professional website also has functionality to build a list of contacts who you are sending your employment applications to. Also, you can track applications you sent and update their statuses.

You can create as many cover letters as necessary. It is possible to create a “generic” cover letter when you apply to similar positions; it is also possible to create “unique” cover letters for each position you apply to.

Applying to a position by email with a PDF resume and an optional PDF cover letter is extremely easy with a professional website; simply follow these steps:

  1. Create a main contact record for the person you are going to send the application to.
  2. Decide if you want to use a previously created resume or build a new one.
  3. If a cover letter is necessary, decide if you want use a generic one or build a unique one.
  4. Navigate to the Application By Email. Use the drag and drop features to select contacts and cover letters. Select a resume. Enter the body of the email.
  5. Click “Send Application”

You can use this same interface and approach to send out many applications at once. Follow the same instructions above, however, for the first step add all of the contacts you want to send applications to and when you get to the fourth step, select a generic cover letter and each of the contacts you just added. My father used to tell me an adage that if you ask out ten girls and three say yes, it is two too many. This idea is analogous to finding employment in a highly competitive job market, especially when you are early in your career. You increase your chances of finding employment by applying to as many opportunities as possible.

There are many times when you will have to carefully mold a resume and cover letter for a specific employment opportunity (usually positions that require a high degree of skill). For these applications, you may want to get some support in writing your cover letter using the GroupShare feature called “Cover Letter Review”. Your first impression is so important and a well written cover letter maybe what separates you from your peers.

It is also possible to send an application by URL where you can send as an XML file that could potentially be read by other web service applications. We are still building the delivery mechanism for this type of application.

TheProfessionalWebsite has functionality to support a “push approach” to employment seeking.

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