Rich Content, With A Professional Website

Throughout past blogs, I have talked about the importance in having valuable textual content on your professional website and I standby the necessity to have succint, results-oriented statements that have been peer reviewed for accuracy and effectiveness. However, after reading a blog “Visual-Content-Trumps-Text-in-Driving-Social-Media-Engagement-INFOGRAPHIC”, I thought it necessary to clarify. When we talk about having rich content on a professional website, we refer to the full gamut of possible content, this includes: text (or rich text, styled with HTML), images or graphics (JPEGS, GIFS, or PNGS), video (MOV, MP4, or WMV), audio (WAV or MP3), and document files (MS Word or PDF). If you are adding multimedia content to a structured section and rendering the page as a table, there are a few ways you can infuse multimedia content into your table. Otherwise, if you are developing a customized page, you can simply upload and place any of the above mentioned files onto the page.

Adding multimedia content to a structured section, like your employment section, can be accomplished in a few ways.

First, you can simply upload the file in the interactive section to the particular element and a File icon will appear with a link to the file in your table. For example, lets say I wrote a paper in a marketing class, I could upload the MS Word file under a project within my education section. Someone could read the file by clicking on the “file” icon.

Second, if the file is hosted somewhere else, you can add a link to the file; a Llink icon will appear with a link to the URL. Perhaps you have a YouTube video you want to link to, for example.

Finally, you can use the concept of an “internal page” to link to a customized page (which as mentioned before is versatile with multimedia content). Simply create a page under the “Custom Pages” link and define it as an internal page, then go back and link it the related element (this is available within the interactive elements section). A icon will appear in the table and when it is moused-over, it will display a link to view the internal page.

To design a custom page (as a main page or an internal page), click on the “Custom Pages” link in the main menu. Once you are on the “Custom Page” designer, add a new control and within the properties section on the right menu, there are controls to upload and label a new file. Click on the browse button , find the file on your local computer, and then click save. Images and videos will automatically appear and you can control their height and width parameters and placement on the page. Documents will appear as a link that will bring up the file when clicked on.

Effectively infusing multimedia into your professional website is highly recommended. It can make your website standout and improve its overall appeal. Moreover, this is how you can put your personal mark on it. offers a professional website service where you can add content as mentioned above.

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