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A cover letter compliments a resume when applying to an employment opportunity by giving you a chance to tell a short story about yourself in a paragraph. You have a lot of latitude in expressing yourself and in most cases it is drafted for the particular position you are applying to. Since it is a short composition, the objective is to have proper grammar and sentence and paragraph structure while you tell your story. In the administrative interface of your professional website, you can draft cover letters and have them peer-reviewed using Cover Letter Review within the Group Share interface.

Through the administrative interface of your professional website, you can send an email invitation to anyone in your support channel – it could be a career counselor,  classmate, friend, relative, etc. In the email you send them, they receive login credentials to access GroupShare which then leads them to an interface where they can use a rich text editor to give you feedback on your cover letter. You can review their feedback from the administrative interface of your website once they have saved it.

Here are some of the guidelines of the Cover Letter Review process:

  • You can invite anyone to provide feedback with your cover letter. To access the interface, they will have to login with a proper username and password and they will have access to only a single feedback page.
  • Actual content in your cover letter does not change. Your reviewer can make suggestions by modifying copy of your cover letter in a rich text editor, which has functionality to cross-out or highlight text.
  • Feedback can come in a stream; perhaps from a single reviewer at different times or from many reviewers at similar times. This is helpful because a cover letter may go through a sequence of edits. The interface lets you manage the reviews, so you can delete them at any time.
  • Feedback is displayed on the same page where you make edits on a cover letter; there is no need to go back and forth to different pages.

This is what a cover letter review looks like:

Cover Letter Review

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  1. Ben says:

    Great post, the cover letter is an important and often underused tool in securing your ideal job!

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