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The content on your professional website should be absolutely perfect and one of the best ways to get there is by using peer-to-peer reviews. While attending a MBA program at the University of Maryland, I remember spending countless afternoons working in small groups providing and receiving feedback to improve the effectiveness of each statement on our resumes; our objective was to maximize the punch of each statement. From my personal experience, it took months before my resume was finished and I think maybe fifteen to twenty of my peers made a contribution. There is no question regarding the value of peer-to-peer reviews.

Resume Review, within GroupShare, is meant to facilitate the process of conducting peer-reviews with your professional website (and your resume considering most of the content is the same). Through the administrative interface of your professional website, you can send an email invitation to anyone in your support channel – it could be a career counselor,  classmate, friend, relative, etc. In the email you send them, they receive login credentials to access GroupShare which then leads them to an interface where they can provide line-by-line feedback of your resume. You can review their feedback from the administrative interface of your website once they have saved it.

Here are some of the guidelines of the Resume Review process:

  •  You can invite anyone to provide feedback with your resume. To access the interface, they will have to login with a proper username and password and they will only have access to a single feedback page.
  • A reviewer can provide feedback for all content within your Experiences sections – employment, education, and interests –  what is commonly found on a resume. In addition, a reviewer can make suggestions regarding your use of interactive elements. If necessary, see previous blog Experience Section for context.
  • Your actual content cannot be modified from a review. Your reviewer can make suggestions about the wording and effectiveness of a statement, but cannot change the underlying content in any way.
  • Reviews can come in a stream; perhaps from a single reviewer at different times or from many reviewers at similar times.  The interface lets you manage the reviews, so you can delete them at any time.
  • All feedback is integrated into the interface, so you can access it on the same page where you would consider making modifications.

There is a “F” marking a line item that has feedback associated with it.

Feedback Line Item

On the edit page, the green panel displays all of the feedback related to that particular line item.

Display Feedback

This is what a resume review looks like:
Resume Review

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