Mobile Website, With Your Professional Website

I wanted to write a quick blog about the first implementation of a mobile website with our professional website service. The mobile website serves much of the same content as the professional website but in a smaller, less-memory intensive form and the stylistic appeal is much simpler. There are a few advantages in having your professional website accessible from mobile devices, including:

  • Being able to disseminate the crux of your professional website to anyone at anytime. The pace of hiring has become faster, and decision makers can be anyone in an organization – someone who may be in front of a computer or in an airport on a mobile device.
  • Making your references readily available. A feature with mobile devices is the ability to “click and call”, so when you provide a reference page, it is easy to call your references directly (it is your discretion which references you want to make available).
  • Making your skill set searchable at anytime. A team working together benefits if its members have access to each others skill set (via mobile devices).
  • Accessing files from your website. You can access the files from your professional website from your mobile device.

You will have two choices regarding how visitors reach the mobile version of your professional website. The first option is to provide a link in the upper left-hand corner of your professional website. If the visitor is coming from a mobile device, they click on the link and are directed to the mobile version of your website. This is the simpler approach and it should work with all mobile devices. The second option is to force an automatic redirect where the server reads the incoming request and will serve either your regular or mobile website depending on the device making the request. In the administrative interface, you can decide which option you prefer (and also have the option to not include a mobile version).

The major difference in the design interface from a normal and mobile website is how it handles smaller and varying widths. Visually you can see the effectiveness of a mobile design by the way it handles content as the screen size collapses. To see it, re-size any website from your browser. With an effective mobile design, the content will remain structured and readable. Another difference is the internet bandwidths utilized on mobile devices and computers. Typically the connection on mobile devices is slower, so a mobile design should serve less memory intensive content, smaller graphics, less video, and no self-contained platforms (such as Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash).

TheProfessionalWebsite has functionality to serve a professional website on mobile devices.

Our first implementation of a mobile website is still work-in-progress. You can check it out at: . Please try it out on your mobile device and leave a comment with your feedback (and your type of device).

Example of Mobile Website

This is what our current implementation looks like.

current rating

This is our rating (4 out of 5) from a readyMobi evaluation

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