First Generation of Apps, The Professional Website

One way we would like to differentiate our service from a standard resume or personal blog website service is by giving you the opportunity to present a highly functional, comprehensive application on your homepage; something that can act as the centerpiece of your whole website. The applications we have developed transform data collected from your experiences, attributes, communications, and body of works sections into an interactive program that fits onto a single page. You control what data is fed into the application, though it requires no further time or effort to get an application up and running. Currently we have three applications in production: a professional time-line, professional artifacts, and circle of professional influences.

Professional Timeline. This application presents professional experiences, a body of work, and communications over time. It is extremely versatile; content includes links to files and websites, descriptions, and images. As a visual representation of a professional’s influences over time, it is an effective way to view a professional’s career progression. However, it is of course less effective if you do not have many years of experience under your belt and you may not want to show any gaps in employment.

Sample of Timeline

This shows the basic timeline concept

Professional Artifacts. This application presents a collection of artifacts (as icons) representing professional experience, a body of work, attributes, and communications. You can drag-and-drop the icons to learn more about particular items. It is an interesting way to present everything onto a single web page. Unlike the time-line application, this one has an attributes section where you can display your IT experience and certifications – which might make it a better solution if these are required in your field of interest.

Artifacts Sample

Shows How The Artifacts App Works

Circle of Professional Influences. This application presents four sortable tables in a Microsoft Silverlight interface. You can choose what content you want to display in the tables. For example, you could choose to show employment and education experiences, IT skills, and their regular skills. It is a powerful way to present your most important professional influences.

Circle Of Professional Influences

Sample of Circle Of Influences

The benefits in using an application on your homepage include:

  • Highly functional. Has interactive features that allow for a user to find what they are looking for.
  • Comprehensive. Most of your professional information is summarized and accessible through the application interface, which fits on a single page.
  • More stylistically appealing. Takes advantage of web scripting software to deliver an advanced looking interface.
  • Effective delivery of information. There are intriguing advantages in presenting professional information over time, as an artifact, or in an interactive table.

 We expect to take full advantage of our data-centric approach and develop other types of applications in the near future.

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