Survey: Employers Seeking Employees, Types Of Media

It is refreshing to see that human resource professionals are embracing technology and are willing to use various types of media while evaluating a candidate for employment; every respondent from the survey, Employers Seeking Employees, is willing to review other forms of media to compliment or replace the traditional resume and cover letter. Here are conclusions made from the survey results:

  • Most respondents, 77.17%, are willing to review a professional website and in the early evaluation stages. This makes sense considering professional websites may eventually replace resumes as the standard platform for employment evaluations. A professional website has added functionality, richer content, and communication features built into it – why it can be referred to as a multi-dimensional resume.
  • Not surprising, many respondents, 43.48%, are willing to review a video resume during the initial screening stage. Video resumes enable professionals to bring ingenuity to the application process. Candidates must create a script, plan a setting, choreograph a story, and show some personality while creating a video.
  • Many respondents, 35.87%, are willing to read a blog during the initial screening stage.  This confirms the importance in demonstrating you have something to say, and business and communications professors are onto something when they tell their students to start writing a blog.
  • Most respondents are willing to review a “body of work” (publications, coursework, publications) during the initial screening or mid-review stages. Potential employers like to see work samples to make their own validation of a candidate’s capabilities.
  • Social media engagement is clearly something HR professionals are reviewing in an evaluation; there is strong possibility how you represent yourself in Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook might be reviewed in a professional context.
  • By far, these various forms of media are evaluated in the early stage of an evaluation and less so when a final decision is being made.
  • All of these forms of media can be presented on a professional website.
Media Used In Employment Evaluations

Media Used In Employment Evaluations

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