Personal Dynamics In Having A Professional Identity

I discussed how the concept of an”online presence” or “professional identity” is going to replace the resume in the last blog (based on an article by Dan Schawbel). In the article,  “Ten simple steps to create and manage your professional online identity”, Susanne Markgren thoroughly describes the important characteristics of a professional identity and their influence  on our personal dynamics. Managing how you are perceived personally and professionally on the pervasive internet is a difficult undertaking. Ms. Markgren breaks it down into 10 basic steps (the following list is in her words only).

Ten simple steps to create and manage your professional online identity

I think this is an exceptional summary of the personal elements involved in developing your professional online identity. People will conduct online searches about you, whether or not you are prepared for it and there is almost no delineation between personal and professional content.  Therefore, you should have a strategy as you develop your online identity and it should be professional in context and resemble how you want to be perceived – your personal brand. I suggest substituting what she calls an “online portfolio”, with a more advanced and functional professional website, and carry on with the same ideas of promoting it in your social media profiles.

I would make one addition to her list: setup your own SEO campaign, where you optimize your professional website so that it performs well in search engines – ranking high in areas where you want to represent yourself. For example, you want your professional website to appear when someone searches on your profession and where you live or the title of an article you wrote or the company whose website you built. Moreover, in the near future, I envision a search engine that indexes only personal websites which would make a SEO campaign even more effective.

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  1. rcfrischmann says:

    The last few blogs are definitely very helpful, and stress the importance of people being aware of the evolving usage of the information available on the net. It also makes people, especially professionals aware of the trending career experiences they will encounter, and the importance of presenting themselves with a website designed to stress their attributes and capabilities.

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