Survey: Skills Based Approach, Use of a Skill Set

Using skill sets is becoming more common in employment web services: LinkedIn has a search engine where recruiters can target skill sets and an interface where users’ connections can endorse their skills; and MonsterJobs has a sophisticated search engine to retrieve online resumes based on a skill set. One of the objectives of the survey, Skills Based Approach, is to understand whether searching on a skill set is a standardized, common procedure, and if a skill set is an effective way to summarize a professional background.

According to survey, most of the respondents (68.91%) have searched for candidates based on a skill set. Almost all of the respondents think a skill set is an effective way to summarize a professional background – the average ranking was 3.42 out of 5; only 2.52% of the respondents thought a skill set is ineffective in representing a professional background.

The results of the survey indicate skill sets are a standardized way to summarize professional backgrounds across most services and industries. This means there is utility in creating a plan to acquire skills to reach you career aspirations; planning your skill set is the first step in a skills based approach.

Use Of Skill Set

Use Of Skill Set

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