Setting the Stage With New Employment

A skills based approach suggests planning each career move you make and how it relates to developing your desired skill set, something you are committed to improving throughout your career. In this blog, I would like to discuss how you can set the stage as you start employment with a new company. I will be drawing insights from the article Find Organizations that Support Career Development written by Sean Conrad in the blog Simply Hired.

Employers Help Build Skills

Employers Help Build Skills

With a plan in hand (from the planning stage of a skills based approach), you can communicate to your new employer exactly what you want to achieve while working for them. You can tell them what skills you want to develop, and ask them to help you on your path of enlightenment; your supervisors can steer you by giving you certain roles on upcoming projects, providing on-site training, funding further education, and finding a mentor who can guide you along the way.

It makes sense to be completely honest and direct regarding what you want to accomplish while working for your future employer. There are clear benefits for your future employer too; they can lessen the chance of you jumping at the next big opportunity – something that is becoming more common – by keeping you well incentivized and engaged with your current role with them. Mr. Conrad says you should identify whether your new employer has a goal-setting process, competency model or career path, and employment development – do they support the career development of their employees.

As you build the skills in your skill set, you need to get feedback regarding how well you are learning the desired skills. Part of it comes from self-reflection; part of it comes from feedback from your peers and supervisors. Mr. Conrad says you should identify whether your new employer has performance reviews and ongoing communications, so you know how well you are reaching their expectations.

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