Career Planning Takeaways

Planning out your career is a difficult undertaking because there so many factors to consider, nevertheless, it is something you should do; it can help you bring you happiness, security, challenge, motivation, direction, and success. I propose the skills based approach, where during the planning stage, you create a plan to develop a skill set that can steer you towards your career goals; it is meant to be fluent, so you can always reassess and change your plan as you encounter obstacles or opportunities.

To derive your skill set, I identified four career planning approaches: passion theory, craftsman mindset1, self-awareness, and product to market.  I suggest considering the takeaways with each of them as you develop your career plan. When there is conflict, such as evaluating your passions versus core-competencies, you should weigh your opportunity to succeed as the primary concern.

Career Planning Takeaways

Career Planning Takeaways

Career Planning Takeaways

You will have to translate the results from your career planning into skills, and the next step (in the planning stage of a skills based approach) is to figure out ways to learn and build an expertise with these skills.

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