Presenting Your Skill Set On Different Platforms

There are ways to optimize the presentation of your skill set based on the platform you are utilizing.  I am going to discuss how to represent your skill set on three platforms: a professional website, LinkedIn, and MonsterJobs. Each platform has different ways of integrating a skill set into their interface.

The current implementation of a professional website has functionality to build a list of skills and then assign them to educational, employment and any other experiences where you apply them. You can also assign interactive elements to these experiences, such as references, samples of work, and more content, so there is plenty of context as someone views your skills. For example, a potential employer can view your skills and how you applied them as they interact with a reference who was also part of the experience. Moreover, there is an internal search mechanism that allows for the viewer of your website to search on a skill and retrieve all of the experiences where you used that skill.

Within a LinkedIn profile, there is a section labeled “Skills & Expertise”; this is where you can create a list of skills in your skill set. After you add a skill, the LinkedIn interface spiders through your connections and prompts them to endorse the skill. Your endorsements will then appear next to the skill in your profile; skills are ranked by the number of endorsements (if you choose to show endorsements). LinkedIn has built a search mechanism called Recruiter®, which allows for someone to search on a skill set and other factors to retrieve a list of LinkedIn profiles.

MonsterJobs has the same basic structure for presenting skills as LinkedIn, but without the endorsement component. They built a search mechanism called Power Resume®, which uses various semantics (including your skill set) to derive a ranked list of candidates with links to their resume.

Use of Skill Sets

Use of Skill Sets

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