Why Online Personal Branding Can Be Annoying

There are parts of personal branding that might seem enjoyable such as becoming self-aware, developing a vision, continual learning and working towards mastery, and making solid connections. However, there are also parts of personal branding that might seem arduous and mechanical. And many of us cringe when told to self-promote and sell ourselves as a brand. Online personal branding is a difficult undertaking for a number of reasons.

Personal Branding Annoying

Personal Branding Annoying

Much of the content and communications we publish online are part of a permanent record. It is very difficult to get rid of unwanted content from appearing and be accessed online.

It is difficult managing personal and professional content. When using certain web services, we just want to be ourselves and not worry about the implications of things being taken out of context. Sometimes we want to be funny, challenge the status quo, or be clever. In a way, we want to have multiple identities as we reach out to different channels.

No matter how we try to erect barriers to protect our privacy, in many cases, we cannot protect our anonymity or the how information is disseminated. This requires us to monitor what is out in the public domain about us and how it affects our online personal brand, whether it is something we publish or another party publishes.

Online personal branding mistakes are difficult, sometimes impossible to recover from. As you make more connections in social media and publish content, everything you produce is shared with your audience.

Trying to control perceptions is subjective, which requires constant monitoring and soliciting feedback from a target audience; you cannot know how others perceive you without them telling you in some way.

Online personal branding is a requirement, so you are forced to do something about your personal brand regardless if it is something you want or even like doing.

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