Versatile Learning Labels

It is clear I am a big supporter of skills. One of my common taglines is: ‘Skills are the Verb of Knowledge”. In our every single experience, we apply skills. Though, there is more to learning than acquiring skills.

As a basis for how we view and interpret situations, remembering ‘facts and information’ is necessary. Over time, it is also important to develop ‘perspectives’ on subject matter. Taken together, these three components (skills, facts and information, and perspectives) define knowledge.

Skills Label™ is versatile as a display for learning and acquiring knowledge. (As the name suggests) Skills are a focal point on the labels, and there are skill line items for each designation. Skill line items include a ‘focus’ and ‘difficulty level’, and two other important fields: ‘Skill Context’ and ‘Standard or Methodology’. Both fields are places to present a more in-depth learning experience.

‘Knowledge Gain’ captures an overall learning objective, particularly what is not necessarily covered by in the skills section.

Prerequisites are useful when a learner must have prior knowledge before attempting to use a learning resource. Create the prior knowledge in a series of prerequisites. (They appear as live links on the label.)

Finally, it is possible to include a short composition of instructions and more in-depth description of the learning resource on the ‘landing page’ for the Skills Label. Each Skills Label has a public URL, which has interactive features. Simply point your audience to this URL.

Skills Labels are meant to be as clear and concise as possible. The display is meant to be easy to understand, and include only content expressing what is needed to consume a learning resource and a subsequent ‘learning gain’.

The display is also meant to be portable. A learning label is represented as a standalone file. To implement and use the labels, create the learning label, then place the file on your website/ application. The labels are scalable, so even choose the size and space they take up.

(Recently had an interaction with someone who was concerned about implementing learning labels with their current platform. There is nothing to it. The labels render as an image in all browsers, image viewers, etc.)

I have developed a suite of applications based on acquiring skills that interact with each other (Skills Based Approach , Skills Culture, and Skill Syllabi), so the name – Skills Label – stuck. But, I have the domains and pointing to the same learning label concept.

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