Skill Syllabi


I wanted to come up with a good way to share a ‘collection of labels’ representing tasks for a course. So, I created Skill Syllabi – standard syllabi with additional sections and features to support the managing and tracking of skills. In addition, to address the collection, teachers use an interface to bring in the labels they have created into the syllabus (as shown in the diagram above).

Most teachers and professors are already using a learning management system (LMS). (I would like to get most LMSs to import and display the labels, like what has been accomplished with Google Classroom.)

Here are some arguments why you should consider Skills Syllabi (regardless whether you are using a LMS system):

  • Accepts a collection of Skills Labels. First create the labels, then create a syllabus and bring in the labels.
  • Provides options and a basis of comparison. From a collection, students choose twenty out of forty possible tasks. Students use the labels to make comparisons, then add them to their tasking.
  • Prioritizes skills. Starting to see a movement towards applied learning and thinking in skills, these syllabi distinguish how and when skills are applied in learning – a necessary addition to the traditional syllabus.
  • Fits on a page. Simple display, everything is readable from a single page in a browser.
  • Uses interactive features. When students are logged in, they can personalize and use the syllabus their own way.
  • Replaces a Word or PDF syllabus. If you are a professor, you are already creating a syllabus. Use this application instead of Word. Still, prints nicely from a browser.
  • Efficient, not time consuming. With the wizard, it is easy to make a new syllabus. If you create the labels, it takes seconds to import them into a LMS and the syllabus (and you assured of one display – label – wherever you use it).

As a new semester starts, consider using Skill Syllabi to build your syllabus and a way to assign a collection of Skills Labels to your students.

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