Use of Skills Label

The value of learning labels is clear. There is not a standardized way to represent learning expectations, Skills Label solves this problem. The labels create a basis of comparison among learning resources; the labels bridge learning expectations across education and career stages. The actual display (the label itself) is meant to be understood by all parties (students, parents, teachers, etc.) so is simple and concise.


I understand learning is complex, but the labels are meant to summarize and provide an overview of a learning experience. To provide more context and deeper analysis of the learning, simply provide a link to a landing page for the resource.

If you are trying to implement “deeper learning” or “project based learning”, then use a series of labels to accomplish your goals. Perhaps even provide conditionals in the series: complete this task successfully then go to this learning label, if not, then go to this label.

What do students do with learning labels? They collect and manage them with drag and drop dashboard. Over time, students mark completed tasks and archive them when they are no longer needed.

What are Skill Points? They summarize learning for a task. As students work on tasks, they get Skills Points as they successfully complete tasks. Over time, a student shares the progress in learning a skill as a Skill Emblem.

As a practitioner (or what you expect of students), you might any or all of this functionality.

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