Create Learning Pathway: Choose Sections and Layouts

Some recent features and functionality with the patent pending learning labels system. Create learning pathways; choose what elements you need: jobs, courses, projects and lesson plans, and tasks.

If you are designing a curriculum or preparing a workforce development program, you might use jobs, courses, projects and tasks / experiences.

If you are posting jobs, preparing for training programs, or creating onboarding experiences, you would use the jobs, maybe projects, and tasks / experiences.

If you are a professor teaching a few courses, you might use courses, projects / lesson plans, maybe users, and tasks.

If you are a teacher or professor teaching a course, you might use projects / lesson plans, users (students) and tasks.

Ideally, education and higher education publishers, online and console game creators, VR experience designers, teachers and professors, instructional designers, providers of education and training standards and trainers all use labels (representing tasks and experiences) to define and quantify the learning taking place in their resources.

Then all practitioners get the opportunity to find, share, and use the learning labels to construct these pathways.

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