Learning Labels Paged Application 2021

First prototyped this app a few years ago (as a currently working website mobile application). Always in the back of my mind, I wanted to get the Learning Labels system as native apps in Google Android, Microsoft Windows, and Apple IOS. Figure learning and applying skills is pervasive in our every experience, therefore the Learning Labels system should be accessible across all platforms and devices (almost there).

This was my first app on Android. To build the app, I learned Java and Android Studio. With a couple decades of experience creating website and database applications, I got the app up fairly quickly. The app lacked sophistication and polish. (Design was fine, but I lacked the necessary Android experience.) Since the release, I created seven more Android apps.

Recently, I added new layers and created a rich interface to the original design. I reduced the number of requests and the UI flies. 

Read full blog: http://www.skillsculture.com/Blog/Display?name=Learning-Labels-Paged-Application-2021

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