‘Suped Up’ Learning Labels Apps on Android

Updated all of my teams’ ‘admin’ apps – four of them – with a faster, smarter interface. They use the same rich layouts and design, which evolved through the years – but they are much quicker. There is a minor delay for the login, though the login gets saved for future requests; then the apps fly. There are no delays.

One goal is to make these Learning Labels Android apps as fast as the games many of us play – on the same devices. The apps accomplishes this speed measurement.

Another goal is to not simply stuff the web application into a single app. There are a handful of common applications (use everyday) where providers do this and the quality of the apps suffers. The apps suddenly stops, shows latency, or does not render properly. This is why I keep them as standalone apps, rather than combining them together.

Each app is also designed and built in the native platform. By adopting the Android and Windows 10 frameworks, the apps takes advantage of what Google and Microsoft are planning for current and future users of their devices and platforms. In my firsthand account, I learned so much by getting immersed in each framework.

The apps are free to download from Google Play. There is a sample data set to see how the framework works. Contact us for a free consultation.

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