Learning Labels Collection 2021 (Android App)

Updated the Learning Labels Collections app with a faster, more intuitive interface. Free to download and try from Google Play store.

Introduced Learning Labels Collections as a way for learners and workers to manage their learning tasks (represented as learning labels) and monitor their skill achievements (represented as Skill Emblems). The concept is to put learners in control of their workflow.

One way this is accomplished is by letting learners create non-structured collections by simply providing a title and color. They get to choose both. Then, they start tasking their workflow to the collections.

There is also a skills menu, which shows the learning labels (tasks) according to the skills represented on them. This menu is where learners access Skills Emblems – responsive graphics representing queued and completed work on a skill by skill basis.

Read full blog: http://www.skillsculture.com/Blog/Display?name=Learning-Labels-Collections-2021  

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