• Getting to Know the Millennials

    Marketers, technologists, educationists, politicians, and many others are trying to define the much hyped Millennial generation. Some of their generalizations include, Millennials are: digital natives, religiously unaffiliated, self-centered (perhaps by necessity), supportive of social welfare issues, better educated, demographically diverse, unmarried (and likely living with parents), and optimistic of their future. The Pew Research Center recently… Continue Reading

  • Hire Someone Oozing With Talent But Not A Team Player?

    Should likeability be a factor when deciding to include someone on your team?  Nowadays there is so much emphasis in targeting individuals based on talent and skill. There is no denying talent significantly influences the success of your team. Here are some examples: A lead programmer knows how to best architect an application or website.… Continue Reading

  • Power in Presenting a Skill Set

    There is a benefit in presenting your skill set to not only recruiters and potential employers, but also an ‘internal network’ – co-workers and supervisors – and an ‘external network’ – partners and clients. As I talk about presenting a skill set, I want to clarify that there are many ways to present a skill.… Continue Reading

  • Seth Godin’s Icarus Deception

    Seth Godin named his book, “The Icarus Deception”, after the myth about Icarus who was told not to fly too high because his wax wings would melt and he would perish (which is what happened).  Icarus was also told not to fly too low because the waves could ruin the lift in his wings (and… Continue Reading

  • Career Obstacles

    I often talk about planning and building a skill set throughout a career as if it is a straight linear path. However, many professionals face one or more obstacles that change their ‘career path’. Perhaps it is a ‘bump’ like having to take a fifth year in college to earn a degree. Perhaps it is… Continue Reading

  • Uniformity and Symmetry

    As I look out my window this winter, I notice two properties in nature that are amazing to me: uniformity and symmetry. Uniformity… a state or condition in which everything is regular, homogeneous, or unvarying.[i] I see migrating birds flying in the sky as a V shape. The formation remains intact and uniform as the… Continue Reading

  • An Early Career Professional

    While in high school, students consider career goals because once they graduate they must make an impactful, mature decision – essentially what to do next. About eighty percent of high school graduates choose a form of higher education at some point[1]. The rest might choose training or an apprenticeship. Regardless, the focus in this period… Continue Reading

  • Credential Creep

    Some say you must acquire credentials, some say credentials are not required and you can build skills and domain knowledge on your own. It usually depends on your profession – doctors must get a MD and lawyers must get a JD – nevertheless, there are many fields where there is no clear delineation.  For example,… Continue Reading

  • Gamify Building And Validating Skills

    Why not gamify the process of building and validating skills (stages of a skills-based approach)? Most of us enjoy playing games, so why not make the process of validating skills fun – take out some of the formality when it feels like a chore.  It is already happening with computer programmers who are notoriously competitive. They… Continue Reading