• Bonding With a Leader

    Leadership coaches tell leaders to improve their emotional intelligence (“EQ”). In fact, many say it is the single most important thing a leader can do to increase his or her effectiveness. Building relationships is the core of EQ, and since relationships are a two-way street, everyone contributes. Teams can change in desired ways, but again,… Continue Reading

  • It’s Up To You

    It is up to you regarding career development. The quicker you realize this, the quicker you are on a career path towards happiness and success. Moreover, you become an active participant and therefore increase the effectiveness of what you are trying to accomplish; for example, you show up to a performance review well versed on… Continue Reading

  • Where is Technology Taking Us?

    For better or worse, technology is going to significantly transform our lives in the next decade. Pew Research Center conducted a survey, Digital Life in 2025: AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs, where they canvassed leading thinkers with open-ended questions about job displacement, education, and social policy due to new technology. Here are some… Continue Reading

  • Getting to Know the Millennials

    Marketers, technologists, educationists, politicians, and many others are trying to define the much hyped Millennial generation. Some of their generalizations include, Millennials are: digital natives, religiously unaffiliated, self-centered (perhaps by necessity), supportive of social welfare issues, better educated, demographically diverse, unmarried (and likely living with parents), and optimistic of their future. The Pew Research Center recently… Continue Reading

  • Hire Someone Oozing With Talent But Not A Team Player?

    Should likeability be a factor when deciding to include someone on your team?  Nowadays there is so much emphasis in targeting individuals based on talent and skill. There is no denying talent significantly influences the success of your team. Here are some examples: A lead programmer knows how to best architect an application or website.… Continue Reading

  • Power in Presenting a Skill Set

    There is a benefit in presenting your skill set to not only recruiters and potential employers, but also an ‘internal network’ – co-workers and supervisors – and an ‘external network’ – partners and clients. As I talk about presenting a skill set, I want to clarify that there are many ways to present a skill.… Continue Reading