• Facilitate Job Seeking: Professional Website

    There are clear advantages with having a professional website while seeking employment. Multi-dimensional Resume: An Interactive Interface For Potential Employers Search Through Website By Targeting Skill Sets Create and Disseminate Resumes and Portfolios When you apply to an employment opportunity, the ideal situation is to “pull” potential employers to your professional website for their evaluation… Continue Reading

  • Employed, Why have a Professional Website

    Every professional should have their own professional website, whether they are seeking employment or are gainfully employed; here are some clear advantages for someone not necessarily looking for employment: Establishing an online professional identity. Owning and choosing how to “project” your content. Sharing a “body of work”. Validating your proficiencies in technologies, languages, etc. LinkedIn… Continue Reading

  • Top 10 Benefits of A Professional Website

    Up until recently, the idea of having your own professional website was somewhat limited to certain professions – like IT professionals, professors and researchers, artists, etc.. For each of these professions, a professional website made sense: IT professionals demonstrate their proficiency in different technologies, professors and researchers reference their publications, and artists, web designers, graphic… Continue Reading