• Feedback Loops in Online Courses

    One compelling reason to move towards online learning is it introduces three feedback loops: learning platform to student, learning platform to teacher, and learning platform to course designer. [1] Utilizing feedback from online learning platforms has the potential to revolutionize the learning experience in all stages of education. In primary and secondary education, it helps… Continue Reading

  • Advantages of Online Learning

    I took a MOOC (free online course) and was impressed with the whole experience. The lecture was intriguing and lively, and delivered by a world-renowned MIT professor.  The platform was effective. (I wrote a blog about my experience Free Online Courses.)  The move to online courses is driven by not only cutting per student instruction costs… Continue Reading

  • Should Higher Education Institutions Find Students?

    Should higher education institutions actively seek potential students while they are in high school? (I asked a similar question regarding employers seeking out employees and my answer was yes – it is a more efficient and effective way to place employees.) There are a few reasons why colleges should reach out to potential students. Data… Continue Reading

  • Things to Consider When Choosing Higher Education

    After graduating from high school, most professionals make one of the most impactful decisions of their life: choosing higher education. Two-thirds of American high school graduates will enroll into some higher education program, where they expect to build the skills and knowledge necessary for their career. After they earn a bachelor’s degree, for an increasing… Continue Reading

  • Truths Behind the Cost of Higher Education

    Understanding the increase of cost in higher education over the past twenty years is a complex issue for many reasons. To learn about the higher education system, I am reading Higher Education in America by Derek Bok. This book answers many questions swirling around about our higher education system. Why are costs escalating so quickly?… Continue Reading