• Adopting a ‘Company Culture’

    As the idea of a “company culture” evolves, we are starting to define it based on the behaviors of workers. Previously, trendy companies came up with catchy mission statements that were meant to capture the meaning of their existence. Just ask a baby boomer. They will tell you “company culture” is something puppet-mastered by the… Continue Reading

  • Fishing An Idea

    Conversations revolve around talking either ideas or perceptions. I think most people are comfortable picking one or the other and sticking to it. When does chasing an idea conflict with winning consensus? An idea is a statement that begs to be rationalized. It is often a solution to a problem. For example, in 1980s, Steve… Continue Reading

  • A Leader’s Vision

    To be successful a leader must develop a forward-looking vision, something he or she can communicate effectively to teams and partners that motivates them to participate in a future. (This is something Jon Mertz hammers on in his recent blog. He discusses why a leader needs aspirational vision).[i] I got to thinking of other aspects of a… Continue Reading