• Defining Skills

    One of the most important factors in applying a skills based approach is properly identifying and assigning the right skills, so there are necessary attributes regarding the nomenclature of skills. First, skills must be defined based on what is commonly accepted across industries, services, and disciplines. Anyone reviewing your skill set, whether it is someone… Continue Reading

  • Use of Emerging Transferable Skills

    A team of researchers released a very well-conceived study about what transferable skills will be in high demand in the near future; the study is called Future Work Skills 2020 and was published by Institute for the Future. To identify the skills, they derived six drivers of change (in their words): extreme longevity; rise of smart… Continue Reading

  • Use of Traditional Transferable Skills

    In this blog, I would like to discuss the idea of developing “transferable skills”. I am going to share the insights from the article: “What Do Employers Really Want? Top Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job-Seekers” by Dr. Randall S. Hansen and Dr. Katherine Hansen. They refer to “transferable skills” as “critical employability skills”… Continue Reading

  • Insights About A Skills Based Approach

    In the past few blogs, I discussed the results of a survey, Skills Based Approach, and in this blog I would like to incorporate what three authors write about in their articles: What’s the Cash Value of Your Brand, by Nance Rosen in Personal Branding Blog; How to Master A New Skill, by Amy Gallo… Continue Reading

  • Skills Based Approach, Doable

    In suggesting a framework you might actually follow, it is must be accessible, actionable, not too tedious, and hopefully enjoyable; otherwise, you might read and understand the concepts but never do it. The skills based approach I have been discussing has these characteristics. There are many books you read that guide you through a methodology and provide a… Continue Reading

  • Skills Based Approach Infographic

    I have dedicated a website to promote a skills based approach: click here Developing a skill set throughout a career should be the goal of every professional and can be accomplished in four stages: planning, building, presenting, and validating. This infographic shows what should be done at each stage. A professional website has features to support… Continue Reading