• Create a Slogan for Your Personal Brand

    Finding a way to represent your emotional value in a slogan is a powerful way to reach your audience. This is what companies do frequently. A good example is with car manufacturers. Here are some examples of one word phrases car manufacturers have established with their brands: Volvo – safety, Volkswagen – economy, Mercedes –… Continue Reading

  • New Book: A Skills-Based Approach to Developing a Career

      A Skills-Based Approach is centered on the development of a skill set throughout a career. It is a progression of four stages: planning, building, presenting, and validating. In the book, I walk you through the stages by describing their intended objectives and specific ways to achieve them. There is a lot of attention given to career… Continue Reading

  • Finding Career Happiness Is Not Easy

    I preach how important it is to find career happiness and fulfillment, but I understand that it might not be an easy endeavor. I watched a sobering PBS Frontline documentary Two American Families, which chronicles two families struggling to survive in Milwaukee. Bill Moyers interviews the families spanning a little more than a decade. What… Continue Reading

  • A Personal Website For Graduating Seniors

    There are a few reasons why graduating high school seniors should consider having their own personal website. First, if they are applying to colleges, it can infuse aspects of their personality to a standard college application (by using other forms of media such as a video essay). Second, it is a platform for career development… Continue Reading

  • Make Yourself Irreplaceable, Create Art

    In “Linchpin: Are You Indispensable”, Seth Godin argues why you should establish yourself as a linchpin: an essential component that your employer cannot do without. His definition of a linchpin is an artist; someone who can create something new, be self-directed and motivated, and provide insight and ideas. They create the system they operate in,… Continue Reading

  • Team Player Or Strong Individual

    Should you be a team-player or a strong individual? You want to have both individual and team skills in your skill set, but demonstrate that you can be productive and creative on your own. Seth Godin talks about being a “linchpin” and an “artist”, where we position ourselves as indispensable and create art – fresh, insightful… Continue Reading

  • Ways to Present Skills

    After you have learned and started to build an expertise with skills in your skill set, you are ready to present them to potential employers, co-workers, peers, and clients; each of them benefits by knowing your functional capabilities. This is the presenting stage of a skills based approach, where you share your level of expertise… Continue Reading