• College Maturity

    The transition from high school to college to early employment is crucial in career development. A successful transition depends on maturity, being able to prioritize learning while becoming more self and socially aware. In Aspiring Adults Adrift, the authors take their study (started in Academically Adrift) further to understand the lives of early career professionals… Continue Reading

  • It’s Up To You

    It is up to you regarding career development. The quicker you realize this, the quicker you are on a career path towards happiness and success. Moreover, you become an active participant and therefore increase the effectiveness of what you are trying to accomplish; for example, you show up to a performance review well versed on… Continue Reading

  • Career Planning Angles

    Career planning is challenging because there are so many factors to consider – core competencies, skills, passions, relationships, and simply making a living; in addition, the workplace is always changing due to adoption of new technologies and globalization (which is why there are some naysayers to career planning). In A Skills-Based Approach to Developing a… Continue Reading

  • New Book: A Skills-Based Approach to Developing a Career

      A Skills-Based Approach is centered on the development of a skill set throughout a career. It is a progression of four stages: planning, building, presenting, and validating. In the book, I walk you through the stages by describing their intended objectives and specific ways to achieve them. There is a lot of attention given to career… Continue Reading

  • Finding Career Happiness Is Not Easy

    I preach how important it is to find career happiness and fulfillment, but I understand that it might not be an easy endeavor. I watched a sobering PBS Frontline documentary Two American Families, which chronicles two families struggling to survive in Milwaukee. Bill Moyers interviews the families spanning a little more than a decade. What… Continue Reading

  • Story of a Woodworker

    There are advantages in a liberal arts degree, which is intended to expose students to array of different subjects and disciplines while they are still figuring out what they want to want to do with their career. If you have been following my blogs, you might catch on one of my common themes: college students… Continue Reading

  • Use Career Planning To Find Happiness

    Why are so many Americans unhappy with their jobs? I watched the NBC nightly news and heard the following: Americans seem to hate their jobs in record numbers today. Gallup surveyed 150,000 workers. Only thirty percent are into their jobs. Fifty-two percent openly admit they are not. And eighteen percent say they are actively disengaged,… Continue Reading