• Team Player Or Strong Individual

    Should you be a team-player or a strong individual? You want to have both individual and team skills in your skill set, but demonstrate that you can be productive and creative on your own. Seth Godin talks about being a “linchpin” and an “artist”, where we position ourselves as indispensable and create art – fresh, insightful… Continue Reading

  • Using A Reference

    Of course, the idea of providing a reference has been around for a long time. Usually when you apply to a traditional job posting, you will be asked to provide a list of references with their contact information and it is understood that the hiring organization will probably call them.  A professional website allows for… Continue Reading

  • Some Things To Consider With Career Planning

    Planning your career is challenging because there are so many factors – some of them are professional in nature, and others are personal in nature; in fact, some counselors downplay the whole idea of career planning for this reason. In this blog, I would like to address three issues with career planning: ever-changing career responsibilities… Continue Reading

  • Translating Your Career Planning Into Skills

    As you work through the different career planning approaches, the next step is to translate the results of your career planning into a desired skill set – a list of skills you will need to reach your career goals. Depending on the career planning approaches you utilize, you can have a variety of factors to… Continue Reading

  • Career Planning Takeaways

    Planning out your career is a difficult undertaking because there so many factors to consider, nevertheless, it is something you should do; it can help you bring you happiness, security, challenge, motivation, direction, and success. I propose the skills based approach, where during the planning stage, you create a plan to develop a skill set… Continue Reading

  • Planning Your Career With Product to Market Approach

    With the product to market approach, think of yourself as a product and potential employers as consumers. You market your personal brand in a similar manner companies promote their brand: create brand awareness; find product differentiation; use all types of media; develop a marketing pitch; and understand your target market.  I plan to use insights… Continue Reading

  • Planning Your Career Based on Self Awareness

    The premise of the “self-awareness” approach in career planning is to understand your personality traits, strengths, values, interests, and intelligences through testing and then use the results to plan your career.  Taking these tests are becoming more popular because they are easily accessible on the internet and are relatively cheap; considering how important career planning… Continue Reading

  • Planning Your Career Based on Core Competencies

    In the book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love”, Cal Newport defines and argues his perspective on planning your career: the craftsman’s mindset. With the craftsman’s mindset, you identify your core-competencies – skills that differentiate you from others and you have this almost innate… Continue Reading

  • Sometimes the Passion Theory Works

    In the last blog, I discussed the main flaw of the “passion theory” where you cannot develop a passion for something unless you have been exposed to it.  There are times when the “passion theory” works. Sometimes you identify a talent you are passionate about at an early age and then spend the rest of… Continue Reading