• Ways To Plan Your Career

    Career planning is an inherently difficult task because there are so many factors. At some point, we yearn to do something meaningful, live comfortably, and grow as a person. Here are some of the strategies I have come up with: Some counselors suggest the “passion theory”. The key to occupational happiness is to first figure out what… Continue Reading

  • Setting the Stage With New Employment

    A skills based approach suggests planning each career move you make and how it relates to developing your desired skill set, something you are committed to improving throughout your career. In this blog, I would like to discuss how you can set the stage as you start employment with a new company. I will be… Continue Reading

  • Defining Skills

    One of the most important factors in applying a skills based approach is properly identifying and assigning the right skills, so there are necessary attributes regarding the nomenclature of skills. First, skills must be defined based on what is commonly accepted across industries, services, and disciplines. Anyone reviewing your skill set, whether it is someone… Continue Reading

  • Use of Emerging Transferable Skills

    A team of researchers released a very well-conceived study about what transferable skills will be in high demand in the near future; the study is called Future Work Skills 2020 and was published by Institute for the Future. To identify the skills, they derived six drivers of change (in their words): extreme longevity; rise of smart… Continue Reading

  • Use of Traditional Transferable Skills

    In this blog, I would like to discuss the idea of developing “transferable skills”. I am going to share the insights from the article: “What Do Employers Really Want? Top Skills and Values Employers Seek from Job-Seekers” by Dr. Randall S. Hansen and Dr. Katherine Hansen. They refer to “transferable skills” as “critical employability skills”… Continue Reading

  • Insights About A Skills Based Approach

    In the past few blogs, I discussed the results of a survey, Skills Based Approach, and in this blog I would like to incorporate what three authors write about in their articles: What’s the Cash Value of Your Brand, by Nance Rosen in Personal Branding Blog; How to Master A New Skill, by Amy Gallo… Continue Reading

  • Survey: Skills Based Approach, Planning Stage

    According to a recent LinkedIn study, one in three adults claim to have actually achieved their childhood “dream” job. You can improve your chances of landing your “dream job” by creating a well, thought out plan to acquire the necessary skill set. A professional website has functionality to support the planning stage of developing your… Continue Reading

  • Survey: Skills Based Approach, Use of a Skill Set

    Using skill sets is becoming more common in employment web services: LinkedIn has a search engine where recruiters can target skill sets and an interface where users’ connections can endorse their skills; and MonsterJobs has a sophisticated search engine to retrieve online resumes based on a skill set. One of the objectives of the survey,… Continue Reading

  • Survey: Skills Based Approach, Overview

    I decided to take my skills based approach to the streets with a survey. My objective is to get a better understanding whether my proposed methodology is practical and effective, and can be facilitated with the use of a professional website. I distributed the survey to 119 Human Resource professionals from various industries and services;… Continue Reading