• Credential Creep

    Some say you must acquire credentials, some say credentials are not required and you can build skills and domain knowledge on your own. It usually depends on your profession – doctors must get a MD and lawyers must get a JD – nevertheless, there are many fields where there is no clear delineation.  For example,… Continue Reading

  • Universal Online Badges Themes

    I am a proponent for what Mozilla is trying to accomplish; online badges ensure that every skill in your skill set can be validated and shared in professional web services. In this blog, I summarize the key themes from the “white pages article” published by Mozilla about the technology and infrastructure for universally accepted online badges. Some… Continue Reading

  • Universal Online Badges

    Online badges will become a universal way to validate skills with online professional services. In previous blogs, I have discussed how I envisioned online badges should work and also referenced some articles already circulating in the media. However, to get a firsthand account, I read an excellent “white paper article” published by Mozilla about the… Continue Reading