• Truths Behind the Cost of Higher Education

    Understanding the increase of cost in higher education over the past twenty years is a complex issue for many reasons. To learn about the higher education system, I am reading Higher Education in America by Derek Bok. This book answers many questions swirling around about our higher education system. Why are costs escalating so quickly?… Continue Reading

  • Scaling of Skill Building in Higher Education

    Part of the problem with the skills gap is a disconnect in expectations between employers and education institutions regarding job preparedness. As colleges build a more modern-day curriculum, they must balance the building of transferable and technical skills and domain knowledge. My alma mater, a college in upstate NY, has decided a liberal arts curriculum… Continue Reading

  • A Standardized Test To Identify Reasons For The Skills Gap

    One partial solution to address the skills gap – employers not filling jobs, while professionals are seeking employment – is the Collegiate Learning Assessment, which is a standardized test for college graduates and early career professionals.  It is designed to understand an aptitude with transferable skills (or “critical thinking skills”) for job preparedness, in a… Continue Reading

  • Story of a Woodworker

    There are advantages in a liberal arts degree, which is intended to expose students to array of different subjects and disciplines while they are still figuring out what they want to want to do with their career. If you have been following my blogs, you might catch on one of my common themes: college students… Continue Reading