• GroupShare, Cover Letter Review

    A cover letter compliments a resume when applying to an employment opportunity by giving you a chance to tell a short story about yourself in a paragraph. You have a lot of latitude in expressing yourself and in most cases it is drafted for the particular position you are applying to. Since it is a… Continue Reading

  • GroupShare, Resume Review

    The content on your professional website should be absolutely perfect and one of the best ways to get there is by using peer-to-peer reviews. While attending a MBA program at the University of Maryland, I remember spending countless afternoons working in small groups providing and receiving feedback to improve the effectiveness of each statement on… Continue Reading

  • Perfect Content

    Not sure what you pay more for in business school, getting an education or learning how to write an effective resume. I remember countless peer reviews, where we picked through each other’s resume! Like a resume, content on your professional website has to be perfect. Here are three stages for getting content right on your… Continue Reading