• Why Invest In Your Personal Brand

    Personal branding is a mandatory requirement for modern-day professionals, there are few exceptions. You can read more about online personal branding in my previous blogs. The general idea is to combine your rational value (skill set), emotional value (aura, presence), and identity (connections, representations on networks) into a unified, cohesive message that establishes your personal… Continue Reading

  • First Generation of Apps, The Professional Website

    One way we would like to differentiate our service from a standard resume or personal blog website service is by giving you the opportunity to present a highly functional, comprehensive application on your homepage; something that can act as the centerpiece of your whole website. The applications we have developed transform data collected from your… Continue Reading

  • Getting Found With Professional Website

    Managing an organization’s website versus a personal website require very different marketing strategies, especially with SEO (“search engine optimization”) approaches. Typically an organization wants their website found in all search results when users search on keywords relevant to their business; for example, an online shoe store wants to be found in a Google search result… Continue Reading