• Providing a Work Sample

    In most professional experiences you create a work product and depending on the circumstances, it can be sampled to demonstrate a level of expertise with your skill set. According to a recent survey on skill sets, a sample of work is regarded as the most effective way to validate a skill. For many professions, providing… Continue Reading

  • Validating Your Skills

    The final stage in a skills based approach is the validation stage; this is where you find ways to establish credibility with the skills in your skill set. You are already telling an audience you have these skills, now you want to prove or demonstrate your expertise with them. Why do you need to validate… Continue Reading

  • Presenting Your Skill Set On Different Platforms

    There are ways to optimize the presentation of your skill set based on the platform you are utilizing.  I am going to discuss how to represent your skill set on three platforms: a professional website, LinkedIn, and MonsterJobs. Each platform has different ways of integrating a skill set into their interface. The current implementation of… Continue Reading

  • Ways to Present Skills

    After you have learned and started to build an expertise with skills in your skill set, you are ready to present them to potential employers, co-workers, peers, and clients; each of them benefits by knowing your functional capabilities. This is the presenting stage of a skills based approach, where you share your level of expertise… Continue Reading

  • Translating Your Career Planning Into Skills

    As you work through the different career planning approaches, the next step is to translate the results of your career planning into a desired skill set – a list of skills you will need to reach your career goals. Depending on the career planning approaches you utilize, you can have a variety of factors to… Continue Reading

  • Ways To Plan Your Career

    Career planning is an inherently difficult task because there are so many factors. At some point, we yearn to do something meaningful, live comfortably, and grow as a person. Here are some of the strategies I have come up with: Some counselors suggest the “passion theory”. The key to occupational happiness is to first figure out what… Continue Reading

  • Setting the Stage With New Employment

    A skills based approach suggests planning each career move you make and how it relates to developing your desired skill set, something you are committed to improving throughout your career. In this blog, I would like to discuss how you can set the stage as you start employment with a new company. I will be… Continue Reading