• Learning Methodologies

    There are ways to apply a skill using different methodologies, something developed by experts who have practiced and tuned them through iteration in their experiences. You might learn a methodology while taking a course in college, though they are usually theoretical and teach you the overarching principles. So the best ways to learn methodologies are… Continue Reading

  • Finding a Mentor

    Learning from a mentor is a very powerful way to build an expertise with a skill for many reasons. First and foremost, you are a recipient of a wealth of knowledge from an interpersonal relationship; there is value in hearing candid responses and stories about a mentor’s experiences – things not easily passed along in… Continue Reading

  • Assessments As You Build Skills

    One of the most important aspects of the building stage in a skills based approach is to assess how well you are learning or building an expertise with the skills in your skill set. As you execute the actions from your skill set plan (from the planning stage), you assess your capabilities of learning the… Continue Reading

  • How to Build Skills

    In the last series of blogs, I wrote about career planning in the planning stage of a skills based approach. I am now going to write a series of blogs about the building stage. Equipped with a plan to learn the skills in your skill set, you enter into the building stage of the skills… Continue Reading

  • Some Things To Consider With Career Planning

    Planning your career is challenging because there are so many factors – some of them are professional in nature, and others are personal in nature; in fact, some counselors downplay the whole idea of career planning for this reason. In this blog, I would like to address three issues with career planning: ever-changing career responsibilities… Continue Reading

  • Translating Your Career Planning Into Skills

    As you work through the different career planning approaches, the next step is to translate the results of your career planning into a desired skill set – a list of skills you will need to reach your career goals. Depending on the career planning approaches you utilize, you can have a variety of factors to… Continue Reading

  • Career Planning Takeaways

    Planning out your career is a difficult undertaking because there so many factors to consider, nevertheless, it is something you should do; it can help you bring you happiness, security, challenge, motivation, direction, and success. I propose the skills based approach, where during the planning stage, you create a plan to develop a skill set… Continue Reading