• Cautions in ‘Going Social’

    In A World Gone Social, Ted Coine and Mark Babbitt share a compelling case why businesses and persons must establish a social media presence – their future depends on it.[i] Here are some of the underlying themes in their book: Everyone – employees, customers, competitors, and candidates – is using social media; according to a… Continue Reading

  • Personal Branding: Be ‘That Guy’

    I am reading books on new-age methods for finding employment, essentially utilizing social media and creating an online presence to build a personal brand. (A personal website should be the centerpiece of it all.) In a difficult job market, some of these methods are useful: show career vision (skill set), add professional connections, draw recruiters… Continue Reading

  • Bottom Up Approach With Personal Branding

    As you develop a personal brand, you should employ a “bottom up” approach whenever possible. With a “bottom up” approach, you first build an identity and then utilize a network – social media, forums, and the internet. This idea might seem MOO (“master of the obvious”), but the truth is we often become enamored by… Continue Reading

  • Can Social Media Replace a Resume?

    In the Mashable article “4 Reasons Recruiters Should Stop Accepting Traditional Resumes” ,  Sudy Bharadwaj argues social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and Tumblr should become the focal point in an employment evaluation, replacing the traditional resume.  His approach is different from building an “online presence” or professional identity (discussed in an earlier blog What is… Continue Reading

  • Network Vs. Identity II

    Five months ago I wrote a blog about providing a service with a network and an identity and the relationship between the two (read blog Network Vs. Identity). In the ensuing months, there have been of course some changes in the services offered by the social media giants LinkedIn and Facebook. LinkedIn has made strides… Continue Reading

  • What is a professional online identity?

    With the ever expanding reach of the internet, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how your identity is managed across various web platforms and also developing your own professional identity – something that can act as the primary node for all professional information about you. The idea of establishing a professional identity is to… Continue Reading

  • Professional and Personal Content

    As you strategize the development of an online identity, you must choreograph how your content is disseminated across social media and profile web services. For any clear professional web services, such as LinkedIn or MonsterJobs, any content you publish must follow proper professional etiquette, serve a purpose, and be carefully scrutinized; the web content should follow… Continue Reading