• Universal Online Badges

    Online badges will become a universal way to validate skills with online professional services. In previous blogs, I have discussed how I envisioned online badges should work and also referenced some articles already circulating in the media. However, to get a firsthand account, I read an excellent “white paper article” published by Mozilla about the… Continue Reading

  • Why Get Certified

    A certification is an excellent way to validate your skill set. Obtaining a certification has become more common in most professions, particularly in information technology where there are rapid changes in the adoption of applications and technologies.The advantage of a certification is bringing in a third-party to validate an expertise with a skill, and in… Continue Reading

  • Using A Reference

    Of course, the idea of providing a reference has been around for a long time. Usually when you apply to a traditional job posting, you will be asked to provide a list of references with their contact information and it is understood that the hiring organization will probably call them.  A professional website allows for… Continue Reading

  • Be An Expert By Writing A Blog

    Writing a blog is an excellent way to validate a skill set because it requires for you to share insights. To write an effective blog, you commit to researching and understanding what is currently being published regarding the subject matter – you become an expert. Moreover, to add value, you must think of ways to… Continue Reading

  • Providing a Work Sample

    In most professional experiences you create a work product and depending on the circumstances, it can be sampled to demonstrate a level of expertise with your skill set. According to a recent survey on skill sets, a sample of work is regarded as the most effective way to validate a skill. For many professions, providing… Continue Reading