• Using Skills and Skill Points to Define and Quantify Learning

    Yesterday read an article on how our current administration is suggesting policy with nutritional labels – placing them on the front instead of the back of packaging; each of the last four administrations conducted policy regarding nutritional labels. Their utility in building consumer awareness cannot be overstated. The inspiration for learning labels formulized as I… Continue Reading

  • Learning Applications Simple Enough Complex Enough

    Recently, I was told some of my team’s work might not be simple enough to understand. I got to thinking how so much of the time I am promoting sophistication. With the blazing speed that complexity is being introduced into software applications, there is a requirement for a deep layered integration. Most applications require some… Continue Reading

  • Peer Review of Learning Labels

    Number one request by learning practitioners is verifying the accuracy of a learning label. Introducing a new verification process: peer reviews . Team thought of this early in the conception of the technology and was suggested by the learning practitioners. Learn more in this less than three minute video.

  • Coming Up With A Vision

    As I spend time with family and enjoy the holiday, in my spare thoughts, I think about how the initial spark of much of my work started this time six years ago. I was going to build a personal website for a relative as a Christmas gift. Of course, I tried to find something already… Continue Reading

  • ‘Being Social’ Is Not Everything

    Some people are social, some people are less social. There is a lot of chatter about all leaders having rock star participation in social media. But there are a lot of smart people who have vision, without social skills. Think of all the hacker introverts. They think, design, and build concepts. Aren’t they leaders too? Yes,… Continue Reading

  • Meaningful Work

    A typical worker is driven to do meaningful things, at least in my opinion. What a worker looks for in a job has changed through the generations – from lifelong employment to getting money to doing something with purpose (admittedly, these are big generalities). Actually, an ideal job has aspects from all three generations: career… Continue Reading

  • Moving Forward With Talent

    A sequence in starting a business might be to: come up with ‘that idea’, create a MVP (minimum viable product), get funding, and hire talent. These actions still happen, but the notion of hiring talent is much, much deeper. Acquiring talent (like actualizing ideas) should be an integral part of a company strategy. Hiring is not simply… Continue Reading

  • Getting New Ideas

    I am a firm believer in sharing knowledge as opposed to hoarding it (especially within the confines of a company). Knowledge is power, so many of us are reluctant to give it up. Leadership should concentrate on building a collective intelligence, as opposed the combination of individual intelligences; this is obvious, though the strategies to… Continue Reading