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Starting this blog (2011), the main focus was on a personal website platform and early recognition that skills should be an integral part of concept. As early as 2013, Skills Based Approach was introduced in the blog. Then in 2016, Skills Label and Skills Culture were referenced in posts.

Much of the attention and focus of the blog moved towards this methodology, system, and mindset. In the last year, most of the posts refer to the applications included with and in support of the patent pending Learning Labels system (a lot of research and observations in the early years moving to pure application).

Here are links to each of the supporting webpages:

Skills Culture a Growth Mindset for Learning and Personal Growth

Skills Based Approach a Methodology for Lifelong Learning

Skills Label a System to Mange and Track Skills

Skill Syllabus a Traditional Syllabus with Definitions in Skills

Skills Parser an Algorithm which Takes Content and Produces Skills

Skills Emblem an Responsive Summary of Queued and Completed Work in Skills