• Deciding to Go Mobile

    Companies with an established web presence must consider a mobile presence; this means having mobile apps that interact with its’ primary services. All major social media services have invested significantly to boost mobile accessibility. It was forced on them. Their monthly active users already consume services on mobile devices on par with computers; in the… Continue Reading

  • Improve Your ‘Collective Intelligence’

    I recently talked about humans using machines to improve a ‘collective intelligence’, but another way to improve ‘collective intelligence’ is through teams or networks; so the two terms together: INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS + NETWORK/TEAM (YOU AS A MEMBER) = COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE With social media, you engage with a network and build concepts collectively. Someone has an… Continue Reading

  • Intelligent Systems Make Us Smarter

    Is it possible to support advancements in intelligent systems from a compassionate point of view? Perhaps by leveling the playing field with intelligence, we might tackle one of the most bitterly contested characteristics of man. We face ‘intelligence battles’ on a daily basis – in classrooms, social settings, and in the office. Much of our… Continue Reading

  • Algorithms That Feed Us Content

    As online applications become increasingly sophisticated they depend on algorithms to process metrics about us and who we interact with to deliver personalized content. Algorithms are usually the ‘secret sauce’ of a service, so architects only share generalities and when confronted with an issue. Like with the Facebook News Feed, an algorithm we became concerned… Continue Reading

  • New Social Contract With Intelligent Systems

    Advancements in intelligent systems (AI, robotics, etc.) require us to make important decisions now for our future. The technology is currently on the doorstep. We are accustomed to talking to a voice on our cellphone (Siri) and barking orders to a system in our car. Though, it is a commonly accepted notion that AI becomes… Continue Reading