• Revised Learning Labels App for Microsoft 10 Windows

    Significantly updated the Learning Labels App for learning practitioners. This combines the five Android Apps into a single app, with shared resources and login. The Windows 10 App works well on larger desktops, laptops and Surface tablets. The application is not perfected in the sense of being enterprise ready nor having enough substantive content in… Continue Reading

  • New Version of Learning Labels Book

    Released a new version of the book on the Learning Labels system to manage and track skills. Added five chapters (21 pages). Argue the need for a pervasive system across platforms and devices, not choosing one exclusively from another. Give this a read:

  • Skills Emblem

    Access Skills Emblem. Graphic showing real time summary of Skill Points, hours spent, and tasks in queue and completed on a skill by skill basis. Graphic (PNG) is downloadable. (With enough label content) A future use of a Skills Emblem could be to represent real-time skill achievement on a resume, personal website, or social media.… Continue Reading

  • Learning Label Peer Reviews on Apps

    While introducing the learning labels system, top suggestion I get is to verify the expectations (remove the arbitrary) with peer reviews. I agree. I push a scientific analogy of defining learning expectations and job requirements with skills and Skill Points like defining atoms and coefficients to substances. A peer review interface was built into the… Continue Reading

  • Learning Labels on Windows 10

    From the start, learning and job labels set a standard for learning expectations and job requirements respectively. There is a platform to connect them together as learning dashboards (responsive) and pathways (direct linkages). There is a new Windows 10 application, which combines the three Android applications: Learning Labels Create, Learning Labels Dashboard, and Learning Labels Paged. This works because the target is mainly… Continue Reading

  • New version of the Learning Labels Android application

    Announcing release of new version of the Learning Labels Android application. A new feature (probably the whole WIFM of the app) is to modify and change learning pathways. This requires a valid admin account. The target audience of users of the application include K-12, higher education, career counselors, curriculum designers, publishers of learning resources, workforce… Continue Reading