• Introducing Learning Labels Accounts

    Learning Labels Accounts is now part of the suite of learning label apps (com.skillslabel) on Google Android. The primary functions of the app are to consolidate logins and the signup process and add more secure interactions. An initial version of the app is downloadable from Google Play. Got a request to put all the apps… Continue Reading

  • Skill Syllabus Versus Course Labels

    Skill Syllabus supports the coordination of learning at a course level; there is functionality for personalized learning, performance based navigation, and managing and tracking skills. There are both teacher / professor and learner / worker interfaces. Course Labels are useful for making comparisons, ranking skills, and establishing an ROI. Skill Syllabus was introduced first (2016).… Continue Reading

  • Search: Learning, Course, and Job Labels

    Updated search framework and layout for each of the three types of labels: learning, courses, and jobs. Learning labels represent learning for a task, activity, or experience. (New) Course labels represent learning expectations at a course level. Job labels represent past experience and current job requirements. All labels are focused on skills and Skill Points… Continue Reading

  • Search and Course Labels

    Recently I added Course Labels as a similar representation to the already established Learning and Job Labels; each focuses on skill and skill point definitions and a basis for making ROI comparisons. Course Labels include live icon links to the Learning Labels used in the course. I also updated the search function (pages and algorithm) to return SERPs… Continue Reading

  • May 2022 Learning Labels Release

    My team and I would like to announce the May 2022 Learning Labels Release. The video is LIVE on the main website. For brevity, I skip defining the system. Use cases are referenced in the video screens showing the apps, but I do not talk about them in the narrative. I suggest last year’s video (link on the… Continue Reading

  • May 2022 Learning Labels Release Video

    Video release of new and updated apps related to Learning Labels. Suggested related content includes: February 2021 Release Video and ┬áLearning Labels – A System to Manage and Track Skills (Book)