• Skill Syllabus Versus Course Labels

    Skill Syllabus supports the coordination of learning at a course level; there is functionality for personalized learning, performance based navigation, and managing and tracking skills. There are both teacher / professor and learner / worker interfaces. Course Labels are useful for making comparisons, ranking skills, and establishing an ROI. Skill Syllabus was introduced first (2016).… Continue Reading

  • Search: Learning, Course, and Job Labels

    Updated search framework and layout for each of the three types of labels: learning, courses, and jobs. Learning labels represent learning for a task, activity, or experience. (New) Course labels represent learning expectations at a course level. Job labels represent past experience and current job requirements. All labels are focused on skills and Skill Points… Continue Reading

  • Search and Course Labels

    Recently I added Course Labels as a similar representation to the already established Learning and Job Labels; each focuses on skill and skill point definitions and a basis for making ROI comparisons. Course Labels include live icon links to the Learning Labels used in the course. I also updated the search function (pages and algorithm) to return SERPs… Continue Reading

  • May 2022 Learning Labels Release

    My team and I would like to announce the May 2022 Learning Labels Release. The video is LIVE on the main website. For brevity, I skip defining the system. Use cases are referenced in the video screens showing the apps, but I do not talk about them in the narrative. I suggest last year’s video (link on the… Continue Reading

  • May 2022 Learning Labels Release Video

    Video release of new and updated apps related to Learning Labels. Suggested related content includes: February 2021 Release Video and ┬áLearning Labels – A System to Manage and Track Skills (Book)

  • Future Learning Labels Release

    Last February, I did a video release to build awareness of the patent pending Learning Labels system. I also showed and proved current functionality in the applications. Since the release, there has been a significant number of improvements and additions in the web, Android, and Windows apps. Rather than describe the system in another release,… Continue Reading

  • Learning Labels: Added Teams Functionality

    See video on how to filter teams and recalculate team skills summary pages. This should be a good foundation for future Scenario Analysis, where these statistics influence the building of lesson and training plans for team members. Give a look. Contact us info@skillslabel.com and let us know what you think. Video of web interface for… Continue Reading