• Formulizing Skills Company…

    After more than a decade of work in the medium of skills, finally starting to move much of the accumulated intellectual property into named entities. This blog is actually a strong testament to many of the contributions (with copyrighted posts, graphics, and social media posts) and might be used to establish naming rights if needed.… Continue Reading

  • Search and Course Labels

    Recently I added Course Labels as a similar representation to the already established Learning and Job Labels; each focuses on skill and skill point definitions and a basis for making ROI comparisons. Course Labels include live icon links to the Learning Labels used in the course. I also updated the search function (pages and algorithm) to return SERPs… Continue Reading

  • Learning Labels: Added Teams Functionality

    See video on how to filter teams and recalculate team skills summary pages. This should be a good foundation for future Scenario Analysis, where these statistics influence the building of lesson and training plans for team members. Give a look. Contact us info@skillslabel.com and let us know what you think. Video of web interface for… Continue Reading

  • ‘Suped Up’ Learning Labels Apps on Android

    Updated all of my teams’ ‘admin’ apps – four of them – with a faster, smarter interface. They use the same rich layouts and design, which evolved through the years – but they are much quicker. There is a minor delay for the login, though the login gets saved for future requests; then the apps… Continue Reading

  • Create Series, Task, And Grade

    Learning labels are a standard representation of expectations for a task or experience, a way to define learning in skills and skill quantifiers. The goal is to get practitioners and/or publishers to create collections of learning labels. Once the labels are in place, use them to achieve higher level goals – like those of a… Continue Reading

  • Skill Syllabus PDF

    Skill Syllabus is accessible in Google Android and Windows 10 apps and a substantial web application. It renders in the native apps, as an interactive web page, and a PDF. During the first day of class, you share a printed or emailed PDF and/or access a unique webpage for the syllabus and then go step… Continue Reading

  • Revised Learning Labels App for Microsoft 10 Windows

    Significantly updated the Learning Labels App for learning practitioners. This combines the five Android Apps into a single app, with shared resources and login. The Windows 10 App works well on larger desktops, laptops and Surface tablets. The application is not perfected in the sense of being enterprise ready nor having enough substantive content in… Continue Reading