• A Pitch to Workforce and Skills Initiatives

    How would a consortium use my team’s platform for a #workforce or #skills initiative? 1) Understand the Skills Based Approach #methodology. Give learners, workers, and practitioners a copy of the book ‘A Skills Based Approach to Developing a Career’ at cost or free. 2) Adopt a Skills Culture, a #growthmindset supporting all the applications. Share best practices on the community website. 3) Get… Continue Reading

  • Learning Labels With Games and Interactive Media

    In the future, learning is moving to interactive books, games, simulations, and VR experiences. There needs to be a standardized way to express the learning expectations, related standards, and measure when achievements are accomplished. This is a proposal to use the learning labels system with games and interactive media.

  • Exciting Time to be in Primary Education

    Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a Skills Label for primary education. These labels bridge with the mainstream ones, so the whole process of finding and using the learning labels starts earlier. Now, the learning labels effectively work with K-12 education, higher education, and early career training. Through the process, I… Continue Reading

  • Skill Syllabi

    I wanted to come up with a good way to share a ‘collection of labels’ representing tasks for a course. So, I created Skill Syllabi – standard syllabi with additional sections and features to support the managing and tracking of skills. In addition, to address the collection, teachers use an interface to bring in the… Continue Reading

  • Actualizing Ideas and Hustling

    Over the past six and a half years, I have written three business plans for new technologies. I do not consider myself a ‘serial entrepreneur’ because each of the technologies could (should) work together, still I pitch them separately. If one of them gets funded, there is a good possibility the others also get funded… Continue Reading

  • Squeeze on Higher Education 2

    Three years ago, I wrote a piece on the disconnect between companies and higher education, which I called the ‘Squeeze on Higher Education’. Not much has changed in the intervening years. This week I read an updated article from Gallup, where the numbers were the same or (worse?). The de facto college degree is getting… Continue Reading