• Proof the Skills Based Approach Methodology Works

    A decade ago, I proposed the Skills Based Approach as a methodology for lifelong learning. A person (learner or worker) constantly cycles through four stages with evolving skill sets simultaneously. I admittedly take some satisfaction in finally building the Skills Based Approach app because it proves the methodology works. I urge you to go to… Continue Reading

  • Skills and AI Preparing The Future Workforce

    The advent of mainstream AI might (should) have been a conversation this holiday season – particularly with the (I argue timed) release of ChatGPT for the public to try. There are a few ways AI is going to influence learning and job preparation, more specifically mapping pathways in skills. First, many technical skills are going to become… Continue Reading

  • Skills Based Approach Instances

    Skill sets should not be static, neither how you work on them. The Skills Based Approach methodology suggests cycling through four stages with an evolving skill set. To accomplish this in the Skills Based Approach app, there are instances. See how this works:

  • Skills Based Approach App

    Seeing references to the term Skills Based Approach across many media headlines, some big players. I thought of Skills Based Approach as a methodology for lifelong learning, a concept I enveloped into a personal website platform. At the time, I did not find too many mentions of the term (clearly nothing definitive) and subsequently acquired… Continue Reading

  • Formulizing Skills Company…

    After more than a decade of work in the medium of skills, finally starting to move much of the accumulated intellectual property into named entities. This blog is actually a strong testament to many of the contributions (with copyrighted posts, graphics, and social media posts) and might be used to establish naming rights if needed.… Continue Reading

  • Search and Course Labels

    Recently I added Course Labels as a similar representation to the already established Learning and Job Labels; each focuses on skill and skill point definitions and a basis for making ROI comparisons. Course Labels include live icon links to the Learning Labels used in the course. I also updated the search function (pages and algorithm) to return SERPs… Continue Reading