• Truths Behind the Cost of Higher Education

    Understanding the increase of cost in higher education over the past twenty years is a complex issue for many reasons. To learn about the higher education system, I am reading Higher Education in America by Derek Bok. This book answers many questions swirling around about our higher education system. Why are costs escalating so quickly?… Continue Reading

  • Building Domain Knowledge

    As you build skills, in many cases, you are also building domain knowledge.  You are becoming an expert in a particular discipline or subject; you are not only proficient in applying a skill but also have a repository of knowledge – something you can testify on. Expert witnesses draw on their knowledge when examined in… Continue Reading

  • Alleviating the Stress of Higher Education Expense

    Total student debt is around one trillion dollars, yet only thirty-eight percent of borrowers are paying back on their loans – there is a problem with the system.[1] I think there are two ways to alleviate this stress on our economy and people. First, fix the system. Administrators step in to find ways to curb… Continue Reading

  • Apprenticeships, an Effective Way to Teach Technology

    Apprenticeships might be a fast way to teach aspiring professionals the technical skills needed for technology jobs.  When I think of apprenticeships, I think of their origin (what I learned about in history class in grade school): protégés learning highly coveted skills such as printing, tailoring, and accounting from masters during the Middle Ages. There… Continue Reading

  • Learning Methodologies

    There are ways to apply a skill using different methodologies, something developed by experts who have practiced and tuned them through iteration in their experiences. You might learn a methodology while taking a course in college, though they are usually theoretical and teach you the overarching principles. So the best ways to learn methodologies are… Continue Reading

  • Finding a Mentor

    Learning from a mentor is a very powerful way to build an expertise with a skill for many reasons. First and foremost, you are a recipient of a wealth of knowledge from an interpersonal relationship; there is value in hearing candid responses and stories about a mentor’s experiences – things not easily passed along in… Continue Reading