• What Is Going To Replace The Resume?

    In many previous blogs, I have discussed why I think the standard resume should be replaced by a professional website as the standard employment evaluation platform. I decided to research what published writers are saying in their blogs and articles to answer a few questions: what might replace the resume, why do we need to… Continue Reading

  • Survey: Employers Seeking Employees, Types Of Media

    It is refreshing to see that human resource professionals are embracing technology and are willing to use various types of media while evaluating a candidate for employment; every respondent from the survey, Employers Seeking Employees, is willing to review other forms of media to compliment or replace the traditional resume and cover letter. Here are… Continue Reading

  • Survey: Employers Seeking Employees, Searching For Candidates

    One of the objectives of the survey, Employers Seeking Employees, was to understand whether hiring professionals actively use web services to search for candidates, a requirement for an effective pull approach; where you “pull” a potential employer to your professional website. I think this tendency is becoming more common, especially with certain types of careers. And… Continue Reading

  • Survey: Employers Seeking Employees, Web Services

    According to the survey, Employers Seeking Employees, 75 percent of the respondents use one of the major online web services for employment placement – whether they use it to seek out employees or post employment listings or collect responses from listings.  The big three web services are MonsterJobs (55.43% ), LinkedIn (53.26%), and Career Builder (53.26%); some… Continue Reading

  • Skills Based Approach, Doable

    In suggesting a framework you might actually follow, it is must be accessible, actionable, not too tedious, and hopefully enjoyable; otherwise, you might read and understand the concepts but never do it. The skills based approach I have been discussing has these characteristics. There are many books you read that guide you through a methodology and provide a… Continue Reading

  • Skills Based Approach Infographic

    I have dedicated a website to promote a skills based approach: click here Developing a skill set throughout a career should be the goal of every professional and can be accomplished in four stages: planning, building, presenting, and validating. This infographic shows what should be done at each stage. A professional website has features to support… Continue Reading

  • GroupShare, Cover Letter Review

    A cover letter compliments a resume when applying to an employment opportunity by giving you a chance to tell a short story about yourself in a paragraph. You have a lot of latitude in expressing yourself and in most cases it is drafted for the particular position you are applying to. Since it is a… Continue Reading

  • GroupShare, Resume Review

    The content on your professional website should be absolutely perfect and one of the best ways to get there is by using peer-to-peer reviews. While attending a MBA program at the University of Maryland, I remember spending countless afternoons working in small groups providing and receiving feedback to improve the effectiveness of each statement on… Continue Reading

  • Push Approach, Employment Seeking

    The traditional approach for seeking employment is to find a job listing and apply to it by email or filling out an online form. We call this a “push approach”, where you “push” a resume to a potential employer. Within this approach, there are two different strategies: applying to a few positions with unique resumes… Continue Reading