• A Personal Website For Branders

    A short-term objective in having a personal website might be to find employment, but there are two long-term objectives: find a long-term career pursuit and establish a personal brand. There has been some buzz about job seekers needing a personal website (which was the subject of my last blog), but I think you should have… Continue Reading

  • Skills Based Approach Infographic

    I have dedicated a website to promote a skills based approach: click here Developing a skill set throughout a career should be the goal of every professional and can be accomplished in four stages: planning, building, presenting, and validating. This infographic shows what should be done at each stage. A professional website has features to support… Continue Reading

  • What is a Professional Website

    In 2010 I started to conceive my interpretation of a professional website and in the intervening years have evolved this interpretation considerably. I have analyzed potential competitor services, web services such as an online resume (or CV ) or a professional profile or simply a personal website. In addition, I am always coming up with new… Continue Reading